Think ... People,  THINK!


The good points of war:

     1. It keeps the earth population in check.
     2. It unifies each of the warring nations.

The bad points of war:

     1. It kills.
     2. It kills.
     3. It kills.

But it is even not that simple. Is the preservation of a society (nation) more important than the preservation of individual lives? Although some religions may foster the belief that an individual dieing for a cause is great and he/she will be taken care of in the hereafter, the Fact is,

Life is what we know. After-life we do not know.

We can believe anything we want, but  all we know for sure is when we are dead ... we are dead!!

So it would seem that individual life is the most important value in "life". So what do we do with a murderer -- he/she has taken a life, but lives. Do we then take his/her life? What do we do with those who commit genocide? What do we do with a military leader who sends followers to death? And how do we justify taking all the "innocent" (civilian) lives in war (e.g. Dresden)?


Some Internet sites place the monetary value of the elements in our bodies from $4.50 to $83.72. One dismembered cadaver sold in parts can bring $200,000 from the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

I think individual life is the most precious thing we have. But I also believe in preservation of society and justice in society. I think nothing we can do will prevent future wars or murder or genocide or any other form of taking life ... people will continue to be people. But we should individually THINK deeply (and twice deeply) about what we are going to do with our own life. Do we give up this precious thing for a cause in which we believe? Is the benefit worth our life? And think twice about putting ourselves even at "risk" of losing our life. The bottom line -- what is our life worth to us individually, and what do we do with it?

What do you think?

I think fighting in a war for a cause we deeply believe in is commendable. I think refusing to fight in a war is intelligent. I think our new Constitution needs to specify the consequences ("penalties") for refusing to serve in a combat zone or in a high risk environment.

What do you think?

War does not determine who is right. War determines who is left. - Confucious

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