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We have Constitutional laws as do's and don'ts in our Constitution. We have laws derived from the Constitution and enacted by legislative branches of government. We have regulatory laws derived from legislative laws and enacted by regulatory agencies. We have "common law" based on precedents set by judicial decisions. Of course we have laws at Federal, State, city and local levels. Although these are the basics applicable to all of us, we also have have religious "laws", "by-laws" in individual organizations, and law exceptions. Geeez.

Types of laws are typically classified as Procedural Law and Substantive Law. The latter is what we subjects generally consider as "the law" and that affects us directly. Contract law, a subset of Substantive Law, covers obligations established by agreement (express or implied) between private parties. This has both historic social and religious foundations.

I think the personal contracts we make should rank right up there with honesty as fundamental principles in our lives. When we make an agreement with someone or some group, we should abide by that agreement to the best of our ability. When we cannot even then fulfill the agreement, we need to accept the consequences specified in the agreement itself or in applicable law. There can be honest disagreement as to what was the agreement/contract that was made. Provision should be made in the agreement/contract itself for this contingency and all parties involved should know beforehand the applicable law(s) concerning disagreements.

What do you think?

In the old West agreements were sealed with a handshake and disagreements were settled with a shootout. At least it avoided years of wrangling and lawyer fees.

Is there some way of simplifying our legal system? Could we Solomonize it? Can we find enough very wise people (seniors) who could be modern day Solomons? (without the 700 wives). Cases, particularly contract cases, could be brought before these super-wise individuals directly by both sides, without lawyers, to be settled instantly.

I think serious thought should be given to making fundamental changes to our legal system. Our new Constitution would be the starting point. In this modern international age, due consideration would also need be given to codifying international laws and futuristic space laws.

What do you think?

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P.S. Many lawyers do not think lawyer jokes are funny.